Campfire Confessions Vol 1:2, The Most Ironic Business Card Blunder

If you missed last week’s email newsletter, here’s what’s up. I just started sending Campfire Confessions: fails, fears, and oh-f#ck moments — from fellow marketers.

Each of these weekly emails is meant to make you smile, make you groan, or give you a little confidence boost.

Because you’re not alone — marketing is tough, and we all make mistakes. But better to learn from someone else’s than your own, right?

Today’s Campfire Confession comes to you from a Facebook group for marketers that I’m a member of, and it’s exactly that — a confession!

We can all relate to that sinking feeling of realizing you made a whopper of a mistake. And the subsequent thought of “no. one. can. ever. know.” 🙈

But the truth is, there’s no shame in sharing our mistakes. In fact, that’s the best way to be reassured that we’ve ALL been there!

What’s the biggest marketing mistake you’ve made? Send me your confession — I would love to hear it!

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