Campfire Confessions Vol 1:10, The Truth About Charging More

Does this sound familiar?

This email from Joanna at Copyhackers was waaay too relatable for me.

And I know it is for you too, because I see you out there in Facebook groups, asking for advice on how to increase your rates.

Because you’re stuck in the endless cycle of doing more work for less money.

Today’s take away is simple: a reminder that imposter syndrome is real, yo.

Every other marketer/copywriter/designer is out there feeling the same way. 

The ones who rise above the rest are those who commit to doing the work to find more of their “best fit” customers.

So go ahead.

Give yourself permission to invest the time.

To find better clients.

And say “three thousand” dammit 😉

A great first step is using my free Customer Ranking Calculator — a little tool I put together to help you identify your most profitable customer segment.

You can access it here (no download required!)

PS — If your business bestie or marketing mate could use a confidence boost, do us both a favor and tell them about Campfire Confessions 👇

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