Campfire Confessions Vol 1:4, Have a Coffee On Them *flight sold separately

It’s that time again — your weekly Campfire Confession is here.

This marketing fail comes to you direct from my teammate Sarah’s Facebook feed. 

Facebook ads can be an effective way to reach your target audience, and incentives (like free coffee!) can definitely motivate people to take action.

In this case, this company also has a beautifully designed creative with a vibrant color that pops off the page.

So what’s the problem?

There are no Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Sarah’s city.

In fact, the closest one is 658 miles away.

*face palm*

The company paying for this campaign is effectively pouring ad spend down the drain by not setting their targeting according where Dunkin Donuts are located, or alternatively, offering a gift card to a local coffee shop!

But hey, no judgement here. With so many things to consider when launching a new campaign, it’s easy to overlook a little detail like this.

What’s the biggest marketing mistake you’ve made? DM me your confession on Twitter @katebour — I would love to hear it!

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