Campfire Confessions Vol 1:16, The Risqué side of marketing

Risk management can be tough, as a marketer.

You won’t always think of everything.

Sometimes, things happen that you just can’t predict.

Like when you put a QR code on your product and accidentally send customers to a porn site ?‍♀️

An unlikely mix up for sure, but that’s what happened when Heinz Ketchup let a URL they owned expire, and a porn site scooped it up.

A lot of “very saucy” puns were made. 

As well as jokes about Heinz being “red in the face.”

Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? If so I definitely want to hear about it.

Shoot me a reply with your best URL mix up. 

(Or ketchup pun.)

PS — Know a marketer who would do anything for the ‘za? Do me a favor and tell them about Campfire Confessions ?

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