Campfire Confessions Vol 1:6, What the Heck are NOMS?!

Happy new year, friends!

Want to feel old real fast?

(Of course you don’t, but you’re going to keep reading anyway because now you’re curious.)


I don’t think I’ve ever felt as old as I did after reading this email marketing fail from Microsoft…

(Yes, you read that right, even Microsoft makes mistakes worthy of Campfire Confessions)


Am I the only one who seriously doubts that millennials refer to food as NOMS??

Maybe they do. But based on the reaction this email campaign received, I’m putting my money on “eats.” That seems more likely, doesn’t it?

Regardless, this is a lesson in stereotyping in marketing. Just don’t do it. Or try really hard not to.

Step 1: Get to know your customers for the unique snowflakes they are, and then find common threads to speak to in your marketing.

Step 2: Avoid using “bae” and “noms” at all costs.

**gets down off soap box**

Aaaand that’s a wrap on this week’s Campfire Confession. Hope it was a little ray of sunshine in your day πŸ™ƒ

If it was, do me a solid and share it with a marketer friend who will cringe at the word “noms” πŸ‘‡

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