Campfire Confessions Vol 1:9, The Cooler Side of Rhode Island

There’s a ton of material out there for campfire confessions.

But I do my best to only send fails, fears, & oh-f#ck moments of the “it could have been me” variety.

In other words, mistakes and confessions that I could toooootally see myself making, because they’re so dang relatable.

Like this one, which features a Rhode Island tourism video produced as part of the state’s 2016 rebrand.

Unfortunately, the agency that produced the video accidentally included a shot of a skateboarder in front of a building in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. ??

The best part? The new slogan released during the same campaign was Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer. I guess we know where “cooler” comes from! ?

But here’s the thing. The skateboarder in the shot? From Rhode Island.

I for one, can see how it happened.

Of course the media wasn’t so forgiving, and the blunder made international news.

On the bright side, that’s tens of thousands more eyeballs on beautiful Rhode Island. And Reykjavik too, of course. ?

For next week’s Campfire Confession I’m shedding some light on a common fear amongst freelancer marketers — raising your rates.

Until then, take care out there 🙂

PS — If your business bestie or marketing mate would cringe equally at this, do me a favor and tell them about Campfire Confessions ?

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