Campfire Confessions Vol 1:20, Coffee, hold the fizz

Starbucks Mazagran

Sometimes, a product that feels like an epic failure was never meant to be the final product at all.

I’m sure that’s how Starbucks looks at their foray in “sparkling coffee.”

The drink in question was Inspired by, and named after, traditional Algerian “Mazagran,” which was essentially iced coffee. 


But when it was carbonated, bottled, and introduced in the US in the mid 90’s, Starbuck’s Mazagran was met with mixed (but mostly bad) reactions. 

It did, however, lead Starbucks to a great success—the bottled frappuccino drinks you can still buy in grocery stores today. 

It turns out that they weren’t too far off the mark after all. They just needed to swap out the fizz for a smooth, creamy base. ?

Have you ever had a home run disguised as a total flop? I want to hear about it 🙂

PS — Know a marketer who has Starbucks running through their veins? Do me a favor and tell them about Campfire Confessions ?

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